Synthetic Monitoring

Ensure quality and speed by proactively monitoring your website, service and infrastructure performance.

Accurate Data

By providing a clean-lab environment from which to monitor performance, Catchpoint minimizes the noise from variables outside of IT’s control. Be confident when taking action by arming yourself with clear, actionable data and insights.

Measure Exactly What You Need

Measure exactly what you need with access to more monitors like DNS, API and Streaming, custom metrics and the ability to monitor specific assets on a webpage. Take monitoring one step further by exploring “what-if” scenarios without modifying your existing code.


Available Monitors


  • Website

    Load the entire page in Chrome, IE and mobile browsers or request just the base URL  

  • HTML Code

    Optimize down to the code level by testing the performance of a snippet of HTML  

  • API

    Ensure APIs, web services and native mobile applications are fast and available  

  • DNS

    Monitor a targeted server stack or the entire resolution chain  

  • Streaming

    Support for MP4 and RTMP  

  • FTP

    Safeguard FTP server availability and upload / download performance  

  • Mobile

    Monitor mobile websites and applications 

  • SMTP

    Make sure your email service is always online and sending emails  

  • Ping

    Monitor server health and performance 

  • SSH

    Monitor SSH connectivity and collect server performance data 

  • Traceroute

    Monitoring network path and peering issues 

  • TCP

    Monitor custom TCP communications 

Multi-Step Transactional Testing

Monitor the performance of critical navigational paths by simulating multi-step user actions. Multi-step transactional testing is supported on both our Web and API monitors.

Mobile Monitoring

Monitor mobile websites across different wireless networks and mobile browsers. Use our API monitor to ensure the quality and availability of your native mobile applications.

Deploy Catchpoint OnPrem Agents

Monitor your applications from the first mile within your datacenter. Test upcoming code releases in pre-production environments. Understand connectivity from your branch offices or retail stores to the tools and SaaS providers they rely on. With OnPrem Agents, you can keep customers happy and colleagues productive from anywhere.

Smart Alerting

Take alerting beyond availability, response times and hard thresholds with the most complete set of alert options in the industry. Detect issues before users are impacted and reduce time-to-resolution (TTR).

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Capture network health information with Ping and Traceroute, application health with custom metrics, and code health by storing HTTP headers, HTML and JS errors. Understand the visual experience with Filmstrip and Screenshot and see how a webpage looks as it is loading. Catchpoint nodes are equipped with Wireshark and Cloudshark so you can inspect performance at the packet level.

Robust and Adaptive Analytics

Get a clear picture of performance no matter what view you take. Our on-demand analytics engine allows you to design unique chart
templates and filter data across 20 different criteria. Catchpoint stores raw data for 2 years without any aggregations for long-term trending and
post-hoc analysis. Have complete visibility with analytics flexible to your exact needs and investigations.

  • WATERFALLDeep analysis into the performance of each test run

  • FILMSTRIPSee how your page looks as it's loading

  • SCATTERPLOTChart raw data to find correlations

  • LINEARView trends over time

  • HISTOGRAMUnderstand distributions

  • STATISTICALDon't be limited by averages

  • INSIGHTChart and trend custom metrics

  • HOST AND ZONESChart in-page performance