Catchpoint’s suite of world-class Web Performance Monitoring solutions empower companies to drive quality online and internally. Our tools enable you to optimize and protect the speed and uptime of your website, applications and infrastructure with unmatched analytics, alerting and troubleshooting. With better performance, happy users will boost revenue with increased engagement and conversions.

    • Synthetic Monitoring - Web Performance Testing
      SYNTHETIC MONITORINGWorldwide performance monitoring of your website, application, service and infrastructure.
    • Glimpse - Real User Measurement (RUM)
      REAL USER MEASUREMENTMeasure and understand user experience to reach higher conversion rates, sales and revenue.
    • OnPrem Agent
      ONPREM AGENTPerformance Monitoring from Where it Matters Most
    • Global Node Network for Synthetic Monitoring
      GLOBAL NODESMonitor performance from all over the world across different land and mobile networks and carriers.
    • Web Performance Monitoring Technology
      TECHNOLOGYTake a closer look at the technology behind our products.