• customers_OnlineStores Online Stores OnlineStores, Inc., an eCommerce company, uses Catchpoint proactive monitoring to identify and solve critical performance issues. READ CASE STUDY
  • customers_priceline Priceline, a Fortune 500 travel company, achieves operational efficiency and reduces triage and troubleshooting time to minutes. READ CASE STUDY
  • customers_VDMS Verizon Digital Media Services Verizon Digital Media Services, a top CDN provider, achieved four times faster problem identification after switching to Catchpoint. READ CASE STUDY
  • customers_247 24/7 Media 24/7 Media, a digital marketing technology company, uses Catchpoint alerting to identify and resolve 99% of issues before end users are impacted. READ CASE STUDY
  • customers_img4 US Auto Parts Ecommerce company US Auto Parts uses Catchpoint’s debugging and error capture features for peace of mind and revenue protection. READ CASE STUDY
  • customers_img5, part of the IAC brand, detects and fixes 95% of performance problems before large volumes of customers are impacted with Catchpoint’s custom metrics. READ CASE STUDY

Ensuring constant customer and partner satisfaction is vital for Priceline. Catchpoint, originally purchased as our main alerting platform, has become our trusted, go-to strategic partner for continuous web performance monitoring, analysis and optimization. Not only have we achieved operational excellence and can more quickly identify and resolve problems, but Catchpoint’s analytics have also helped us uncover many new opportunities for system and business improvement. With Catchpoint, we can do significantly more monitoring for the same cost. We have already realized major improvements in web performance that we believe directly impact customer satisfaction.

Michael Diliberto CIO

We use Catchpoint to identify and resolve performance problems before our customers are impacted—which is imperative to our overall success. Catchpoint is a great and reliable product, and I’m always impressed with the web performance monitoring tips and techniques its team provides. I trust Catchpoint’s data 100%, and use its solution as the mechanism to verify SLAs for our customers through an independent third-party monitoring platform. Simply put, we couldn’t function without Catchpoint.

Christopher Chatterton SVP Global Technical Operations

We are a retail eCommerce operation, so performance is everything. Performance has improved by an average of three to four seconds per page by identifying problematic third party calls and daily trends. Performance is a big part of the bottom line. A one-second slowdown can equal a 7% conversion loss.

Jess Turner Senior Web Developer

With Catchpoint we can proactively monitor everything web—FTP and HTTP requests, APIs or multi-step transactions. Their UI is very intuitive and flexible, and their analytics are very impressive. We can slice and dice data anyway we need to, so we can identify the issues much faster. Their alerts are very powerful, and they contain all the information that our NOC Team needs for efficient escalation. It is our standard support procedure to try to replicate customer issues and share the results with them so our customers and support team are on the same page when working on performance issues. We rely on Catchpoint for this, which saves us significant amount of time in our support process. Catchpoint technical support is also superb.

Director of Performance Engineering