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Always Deliver Great Experiences

Have confidence that you are delivering a quality service to every user, every time with all the tools you need to monitor and protect performance. Know that if something starts to break or slow down, Catchpoint will immediately notify you with all of the information needed to start troubleshooting right away.

Unlimited Flexibility and Freedom

Catchpoint is designed to be flexible and meet your changing demands. Don't be locked into testing or analysis configurations — add or modify anything in the UI to find what works best for you. Tailor data to your needs with custom metrics, charts, reports and alerts.

Analytics with Answers

Overcome big data disparity with a powerful analytics engine. Our analysis platform is designed to make both high-level and investigative analysis easy and actionable.

Get a clear picture of performance no matter what view you take. Catchpoint stores raw data for 2 years without any aggregations for long-term trending and post-hoc analysis.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Speed is the name of the game in everything you do. Get started right away with Catchpoint—deploy in seconds with a UI designed for ease of use. No installation required.

  • 1Decide what you want to monitor and how often
  • 2Configure tests and monitoring tags
  • 3Measure, report and analyze performance

A Team You Can Depend On

We are here to help! Not only to get you started, but also throughout the year. Catchpoint has a dedicated team to provide you with continued support and training, diagnostics, consulting and research.